Doctor Jeremiah Bentham

Unfettered Visionary


Jeremiah Bentham

S: 4
P: 6
E: 5
C: 3
I: 8
A: 7
L: 7

Medicine +5 [tag]
Science +5 [tag]
Sneak +3 [tag]
Melee +1


  • Rad Fan – +1 to any skill check relevant to Radiation
  • The Scientific Perspective – The right people will respond to the right reasons (use Science for Speech in proper situations)
  • Look what I found! – Dr. Bentham samples all the time; chances are he might have found just the thing we needed
  • Radiant Mind – Let that bright mind shine (+ 1 Int rolls when 1-3 rad dam is taken, +2 with 4-6 rad dam and +3 with 7 + rad dam)
  • Radiant Metabolism – Can take rad damage in any SPECIAL
  • Radiant Physique – as Radiant Mind, except the bonus is to Strength
  • Radiant Smile – as Radiant Mind, except the bonus is to Charisma
  • Quest Perk: Super Mutant Physiology – can treat Super Mutants as ordinary patients

GOAT: Reactor Safety Inspector


  • Start a science of improving humans by exposure to radiation
  • Opnå en overvejende positiv mutation
  • Overleve en længere periode udsat for radioaktivitet
  • At eksperimentere på et andet intelligent væsen


  1. Vault Lab suit
  2. 10mm pistol + ammo
  3. Medkit
  4. Samples from living roots
  5. backpack (3 slots)
  6. 1 dose of FEV (hidden in Velvet Remedy)
  7. Food and drink
  8. The Velvet Remedy
  9. Glowing Mushrooms (1 portion)
  10. Key card for the Power Plant (William Clay, security 3rd class)
  11. 2 doses of ambuscorpion poison
  12. Tribal Charm (+1 speak vs tribals)
  13. Robot Database from Power Plant
  14. Machete
  15. Extra FEV-samples (some might be good, some bad)
  16. Prepared doses of experimental FEV, supposed to help people react positively to radiation

Growing up with his Granma, whose health deteriorated quickly, he spend most of his childhood reading science fictions from the old world and studying everything from biology, anatomy and radioactivity, as well as physics and chemistry.

Falling in love with science as an abstract entity, Jeremiah Bentham decided his life goal would be to advance science to its next level. Unconstrained by social knowledge and the ability to interact socially, Bentham decided that he had to get out of the Vault to make the proper experiments on the proper subjects and find just the right materials.

Fascinated by everything radioactive, Jeremiah Bentham has embargoed on a quest to improve human physique and ability, without suffering the clumsy bieffects of ordinary ghouls and supermutants. The finding of FEV has just furthered his eagerness and optimism.

Resently, however, Jeremiah Bentham faced the dilemma between getting an enormous test group or avoiding the deaths of most of the people in the vally. Whether the decision to save that many people was due to moral scruples or the concern it might interfere negatively with his goal of achieving a new level of science, not even Bentham knows.

Although called a doctor, Jeremiah Bentham actually never recieved any formal training or education apart from his GOAT as a reactor safety inspector.

Doctor Jeremiah Bentham

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