Michael Molando



GOAT: Radioactive Waste Disposal Specialist (Favors Science)


  1. Making his way back to his vault.
  2. Find the person who made him like this.
  3. Get revenge.
  4. Profit.!

Tagged Skills:

  • Science (4): +14
  • Survival (2): +11
  • Guns (2): +12


  • Ghoul (Ghoul prejudice, live forever, )
  • Dark vision
  • Radioactive waste disposal specialist (+2 Science when relating to disposal)
  • Old Timer
  • Get off my property (+2 Perception to detect tampering)
  • Slave Laborer
  • Ghoul-whisperer (use Intelligence for Charisma when talking to Ferals)
  • Hail of Bullets (+4 if you empty your magazine, which you may take after rolling)
    *Ghoul Summoner

Backstory: He grw up in a vault and when he took the GOAT he was assigned the position as Radioactive Waste Disposial specialist. His vault ran on nuclear power. Eventually as he grew older and as he worked he noticed something strange after his shift. Someone had cut a hole in his RAD suit.He thought nothing of it because he just figured he had cut it on his way out of the contamination area. But that soon changed. He eventually began to undergo changes. Like his hair falling out and some of his skin falling off making him disfigured and a freak. His voice got deeper and more harsh. And eventually he was a full blown ghoul. After some thinking and staying in his room for a few weeks he eventually thought to himself that someone had to have cut a hole in his suit that day, because he diddnt bumb into anything that day. Eventually the other residents of the vault began to be suspicous of old Michael. And they soon forcefully entered his room and saw his horrifying disfigurement. They thought he had turned into a monster and much to his own objections he was thrown out of the vault with nothing but his RAD suit and a trusty 9mm pistol.

Michael Molando

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