Nathanial Jefferson

Avatar of capitalism


Nathanial Jefferson

S: 7
P: 6
E: 5
C: 5
I: 5
A: 4
L: 8

Barter +5 [tag]
Explosives +4 [tag]
Speak +8 [tag]


Mojo – He is more awesome no matter what
Zen trading – Good at finding trading possibilities
White House potential – No penalties for speaking to many people at once.
Tough hide – +2 resistance to enviromental attacks, but -2 on stealth.
Night vision – Vision in the dark
Rad absortion – Immune to rad damage, and enough sustains him
Super mutatition – Can change perks
Super metabolism – always count as under long term care
Uranium powered – Can power electrical devices by touch.
Tao trading – Zen trading on a larger scale
One of a kind – Cancels the super mutant social penalty


Dirtwalker – Quest trait, connected to the forest of Cypress Creek, some sort of telepathy with other dirtwalkers.
Super Mutant reputation – -2 charisma when talking to people uncomfortable around Super Mutants unless intimidation.

Motivational speaker


Boom! hehe
Make vault 73s expansion succesfull
Become richer than an overseer
Become the president of the united states of vault 73


2 mini nukes Stars and Stripes
frag grenades
Vault 38 Overseer Pipboy
Rocket Launcher
High Explosive Missiles
Pre-war books

̠resborger i Stillbourne РWhen removing the threat of vault 38
Raider of the lost Carpark – Succesfully looted The Lost Carpack
The Consortium President – Selfgiven


Comming from one of the richest families of Vault 73. Many residents almost took it for
given that Nathanial would succed Overseer George Bernard as the next overseer. His plans crumbled when he was chosen to be part of the “first” scouting mission.

Became a supermutant when Doctor Jeremiah Benthams experiments went crazy. Nathanial doesn’t know that
Doctor Jeremiah Bentham is the cause.

Now strugling with his destructive impulses. While trying to find out wether this is a curse or a blessing. Luckily his overuse of partytime mentats, has put his mind at ease, as he now “knows” he could do anything.

Nathanial Jefferson

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