Samples of PIV

Evolution by force


Short for Pan-Immunity Virion.

This virus reacts to biological matter and forces it through an evolution that adapts them to what seems to be their current enviroment – an example is the concrete men of The Lost Carpark – and can thus be used to increase the physical wellbeing of the wastelanders.

Though seemingly a miracle drug able to work wonders, it is extremely hazardous when not used properly.


Found in a tanker truck in The Lost Carpark
Other samples were found in Vault 38 and had apparently led to, not only the creation of the Death Flies but also the transformation of the Vault’s inhabitants into Sheeple.

In fact the supply originally found in Vault 38 had been delivered there by the same tanker truck in which the remainder was later found.

Specifically these Samples represent PVP batch 13-00a

Samples of PIV

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