The Velvet Remedy

A unique survival and surgical knife.

weapon (melee)

Normally counts as a basic knife:
(S+1)/2 | S+1 | (S+1)x1.5
But if used in a Sneak Attack (or against a helpless target):
(S+1)/2 | S+1 | Lethal

If used for emergency surgeries it adds a +1 to the Medicine check.
The handle-cavity can hold a single dose of any one Chem or Med.


Astonishingly sharp and with a nearly frictionless blade surface, the Velvet Remedy slices through flesh as if it’s barely even there. The serrated edge on the reverse side will bite almost as easily into and through bone, making battlefield amputations too easy to be comfortably thought about.

The Velvet Remedy

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