Fallout: Suburbia

Glory of Bob; or how dr. Bentham got a teddy bear

Udenfor Stillbourne bekæmpede Pips, Mr. Hunt, Dr. Waste, Bob og kammerat Andy hvad der lignede Grim. Som kampen gik frem, nærmede Pips sig målet og kom i en skydeduel med en sniper, der skjulte sig en etage under en mekanisk dukke, lavet til at ligne Grim. Imens vandrede Bob stille og roligt frem, nåede til sniperen, som han gjorde blød nok til, at Pips kunne færdiggørr jobbet.

Så var den ge’ barberet!

Alt imens denne irrelevante barbarkultur udfoldede derrs slåsritualer, assisterede Dr. Bentham Ditzy i et forsøg på at rejse civilisationen til sin forgangne storhed, ved at reparere strømnettet. Han blev kort forstyrret i sit arbejde af en Feral Ghoul og dennes bamse, Jeffy. Efter en kort kamp og en masse hvæs besejrede Dr. Bentham bamsen fra ghoulen, der til gengæld kaldte på sine venner. Men med lidt held, og sine evner til at snige rundt, undslap Dr. Bentham fadæsen og hjalp Ditzy med at forbinde Lawndales netværk.

Split op!

We started fixing the connection between Stillbourne and North Haverbrook Nuclear Power Station. Ditzy got some party time mentats ( gm: and seemed to like the taste ).

The 3 others started something else… will one of them actually write something?

Healing and planing

Radscorpion sting.

Came back to Stillbourne

Healed a bit (Pips got experimented apon), and traded. Upgrade and repair to armor.

Bought a map of underground tunnels. City attacked again by sniper, but a deal for 1 year of free power calmed Fred Eighty.

Gorden G. Willikers, wanted a job. He was tested by Dr. Bentham and Mr. Jefferson and turned out to be sent by the McCoys. But he was persuaded to join us.

A nasty business at Lawndale High
In which a very hostile takeover attempt unfolds

Having left Stillbourne in search of the as yet unknown shooter, the Consortium found themselves ambushed in the ruins of an old high school.

Apparently the entire building was a carefully laid trap: the corridors were thoroughly mined, and the whole area was patrolled by three Nightkin Super Mutants, all set up to lure them into the line of fire of Grim and his devastating rifle Scythe.

In short order two of our heroes were taken down, one with anti-materiel bullets to the knee and skull (fortunately his Super Mutant brain is very compact), the other with a nasty case of shrapnelitis. Dr Waste had his priceless VaultTec lab coat wasted by a Shady Sands Shuffle, and the normally untouchable Pips too was riddled with Anti-materiel bullets, literally to within an inch of his life.

In the end, Grim was killed and thoroughly incinerated… but his remains did not seem totally convincing, did they… nah, I’m sure you got him!

Mystery blasts

Against Mr. Jeffersons objections, the Consortium decided to cut negotiations with Vault 73 short and head for a pit stop in Stillbourne.

Along the way though, they hit an unexpected pothole and got temporarily stuck there.
The hole turned out to be only one in a series of relatively fresh craters left by explosions. These explosions would be at least equivalent to grenades or dynamite, and could have been either placed on the surface or maybe dropped from above. In any case they had been made some time in the last few days – something Fred Eighty later confirmed – who had made them was unclear, but they had claimed the lives of two Brahmineros.

Things had gone well in Stillbourne, no serious troubles had erupted, and only one of the former whiteheads now employed by The Consortium had received an near-fatal stabbing. Sadly being now somewhat understaffed, the employees had let miss Belle‘s medication slip a bit and, while she had woken up from her induced comatose state, she wasn’t much use.

Some long desired maintenance was carried out on the Consortium’s various assets:
Of particular note, ED-C got the upgrades which were bartered from The Millennium Rollergirls, and with the improved pathfinding and broadcasting abilities it now has much greater freedom to spread the word about the products and services provided by the Consortium.
Other repairs and upgrades in general ended up taking a week, and it was one night during this time that one of the guards on the container wall was killed. The shot had been instantly lethal – almost removing one arm entirely – and must have been made at extreme range, but just under where the guard had been standing at the time the outside of the wall had been marked with a red hand-print by a super mutant.
At first the complicated shot had the locals very suspicious of the known killer Pips Johnson, but Jefferson managed to calm Fred Eighty down and The Consortium was placed in charge of the investigation.

Another one for the books

Finding Mr Jefferson tied up in Vault-related red tape, Pips, Hunt and Bentham decided to spend an afternoon investigating the apparent takeover of the Schwartswelder County Public Library Book Depository by Chosen.

Knowing that the Library was supposed to be a Whitehead stronghold, they were somewhat baffled to find Chosen territorial graffiti and murdered Whiteheads used as decorations around it. Upon announcing their presence by accidentally triggering a fire-bomb trap, they were left very little time to ponder the mystery as Chosen psycho-tics and wastehounds charged them from the noisome interior.

None of the crazed Chosen were left, however, once the smoke finally cleared – save perhaps an unidentified sniper – and the Consortium had once again cleared the Library of bandits. Their only prize this time, however, was the Unique 9mm pistol called Santeria.

Vault Surprise

While Pips, Mr Hunt and the Doctors Bentham and Waiste, boarded their Consortium-mobile and got slightly lost making their way to Crackton, Nathaniel Jefferson finally arrived at the remains of the VaultTec Regional Offices.

This was where he knew the entrance to Vault 73 was, but it seemed to have inexplicably disappeared.
With some looking however he discovered that the entrance area had been expertly camouflaged with rubble and debris, and inhabited by refugee old men, women and children of the Chosen tribe. A brief struggle involving a shots fired, a broken hand and the threat of explosives being used, the refugees surrendered readily.

Some friendly conversation with the starving refugees and access to the external terminal, had Jefferson deep in communication. Making some headway with the Vault Authorities even!

The Conor's Crossing massacre

With the formalities of macho posturing behind them, Chief Conor of Conors Crossing and Ethan Hunt agreed to stay politely out of each others way. Among their agreements was that the Steelhooves would refrain from interfering with the ambush which the Consortium agents were setting up by the river.

Almost perfectly in accord with the plan, twelve expeditionary troops from the hospital-settlement arrived across the river. One scout wandered into the freshly modified minefield and was blown to pieces for his carelessness. As the rest retreated across the vast expanse of open ground, Pips Johnson and Hunt picked them off one-by-one. With the addition of firepower from Doctor Waiste, they managed to methodically eliminate every single trooper… for a short time forgetting the plan to let at least one escape to tell the tale.

At some point during this, engineer Anderson suffered an acute crisis of faith and felt compelled to leave the Consortium and instead seek out the alleged comforts of Vault 44.

Glorious Dawn?

As the Sun rose over the blighted soil of the Suburban Wasteland, Mr Jefferson temporarily parted ways with Doctor Bentham and Mr Anderson, and while he traveled south towards Vault 73, they made for what was soon to be renamed Conors Crossing.

While they were gone the Cyborg they know as Ethan Hunt had encountered a bit of difficulty with a minefield, which The Collectors had seeded the river crossing with. He ended up spending the night in the middle of the irradiated Menuxet river studying and repairing the control device which served to arm and disarm the mines. After taking some small arms fire from a party of two Collector scouts, he and Pips were able to not only replant the minefield according to their own designs, but also claim one of the Collectors as a prisoner. The prisoner, named Comrade Andy, proved more or less friendly and even somewhat helpful – despite being rendered effectively paraplegic during the capture process.

Having arranged a kind of killing field around the river crossing, they went to meet the arriving Steelhooves.
But before doing so they used the surviving radio equipment to narrow-cast orders to the hospital that the Chosen had named Marcus’ Bastion. These orders commanded the settlement to send twelve of its twenty troops to reinforce the Crossíng.

A change of Management

At Memorial Mr Jefferson was suffering badly from Party Time Mentats withdrawal in the form of a crippling depression, but was all but dragged by his compatriots towards Chief Bowman Khan’s compound. Before they could get there however, a burly Steelhoof challenged the Supermutant to fisticuffs and after being forced to concede defeat at Jeffersons hands, proceeded to encourage his own friends to get the victor thoroughly drunk.
In the meantime mssrs Anderson and Bentham had abandoned their dangerous friend and proceeded into the Tunnel where Bowman Khans tent was. Here they bribed a guard and later persuaded the Khans Major Domo to permit them an audience with the Raider King.
Their diplomatic skills were… less than adequate to the job of swaying the Last of the Great Khans, and instead had to prove the worth of their cause through trial by fisticuffs. Despite his defeat, the fortitude and courage of the Engineer ultimately impressed the assembled Chieftains sufficiently that Bowman Khan gave ownership of Matts Crossing over to the young Chief Conor and ordered him to immediately occupy and defend this new holding. The Khan also officially revoked the right of The Chosen to be considered a single tribe.


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