Fallout: Suburbia

Welcome to hell

Gruppen er ankommet til vault 104. Her har vi sikret de øverste 2 levels og det nederste (de 3 midterste er vi gået udenom). Undervejs har vi mødt små blege let muteret mennesker. Omkring et dusin er blevet dræbt, og en enkelt er taget til fange. Vi har fundet 2/3 af de genstande Mall of the Millennium havde efterspurgt, og samtidig havde vi fået et stort industrial køling anlæg, som kunne hjælpe med atomkraftværket.

Slutscenen: Et af væsenerne åbnede elevator døren ved siden af life support rummet og det virkede nærmest som om at det smilede og vinkede, men Mr. Jefferson havde booby trapped døren med en frag grenade.

Lets all go to the hydroponics!

Mr. Anderson kravlede op på maskinerne for at dele dem ad.

Alle begyndte at høre at metallet gav sig.

Mr. Jefferson begyndte at se syner og høre stemmer. Han fik en unaturlig trang til at tage til hydroponics bay.

Her mødte de en person ved navn Herbert, som var tilknyttet planterne.

Han blev befriet og ført udenfor, hvor han begyndte at få sine krafter igen.

Anderson fik pillet nedkølingssystemmet ned og ført op til bilen.

Efter at havde dumpet lidt ting er vi nu på vej med gåtempo mod Mall of the Millennium

The bridge of ambush

Vi blev angrebet af raiders ved en bro.

Ankom til Mall of the millennium.

De var tilfredse og vi handlede med dem.
- Fik købt armor mod og silencer samt 5 slot food.

Never fear the consortium is here!

Vi organiserede et forsvar mod super mutant angrebet. Super mutanterne trak sig tilbage og blev jaget ned af vores modangreb.

Loot and recognition

Vi gennemsøgte supermutanterne

Blev hyldet af 44’erne og vi fik lov til at bruge “The White Room”.

Ankom til North Haverbrook Power Plant.

Timmy and the nuclear factory

Power plant fik installeret køling system. Lidt upgrades til AI gjorde at den kunne fokusere bare en lille smule mere på at holde sig selv i live.

Collectors havde presset fremad. The Chosen var næsten udryddet, og var nu begyndt at sprede sig ud og angrebe alle. The Consortium fik skaffet en kodebog fra en nedslagtet Collectors base.
En dreng, sad der tilbage og havde umiddelbart dræbt basens personale.

Ambush at Matt's Crossing

The code book was used to get 4 collectors out of Matts Crossing. These were quickly finished.

The camp was also crushed, and 9 captives were released. These were, 5 children and 2 young adults of the Chosen tribe, as well as 2 pilgrims from Crossroads in the Union.

Ethan Hunt got trapped in the middle of the river crossing when he inadvertently activated some mines.

Waiste, Jefferson and Anderson went ahead to go talk with the Steel Hooves, to get them to secure Matts Crossing and take a larger part in the Collectors/Chosen dispute. Jefferson was wakened.

A change of Management

At Memorial Mr Jefferson was suffering badly from Party Time Mentats withdrawal in the form of a crippling depression, but was all but dragged by his compatriots towards Chief Bowman Khan’s compound. Before they could get there however, a burly Steelhoof challenged the Supermutant to fisticuffs and after being forced to concede defeat at Jeffersons hands, proceeded to encourage his own friends to get the victor thoroughly drunk.
In the meantime mssrs Anderson and Bentham had abandoned their dangerous friend and proceeded into the Tunnel where Bowman Khans tent was. Here they bribed a guard and later persuaded the Khans Major Domo to permit them an audience with the Raider King.
Their diplomatic skills were… less than adequate to the job of swaying the Last of the Great Khans, and instead had to prove the worth of their cause through trial by fisticuffs. Despite his defeat, the fortitude and courage of the Engineer ultimately impressed the assembled Chieftains sufficiently that Bowman Khan gave ownership of Matts Crossing over to the young Chief Conor and ordered him to immediately occupy and defend this new holding. The Khan also officially revoked the right of The Chosen to be considered a single tribe.

Glorious Dawn?

As the Sun rose over the blighted soil of the Suburban Wasteland, Mr Jefferson temporarily parted ways with Doctor Bentham and Mr Anderson, and while he traveled south towards Vault 73, they made for what was soon to be renamed Conors Crossing.

While they were gone the Cyborg they know as Ethan Hunt had encountered a bit of difficulty with a minefield, which The Collectors had seeded the river crossing with. He ended up spending the night in the middle of the irradiated Menuxet river studying and repairing the control device which served to arm and disarm the mines. After taking some small arms fire from a party of two Collector scouts, he and Pips were able to not only replant the minefield according to their own designs, but also claim one of the Collectors as a prisoner. The prisoner, named Comrade Andy, proved more or less friendly and even somewhat helpful – despite being rendered effectively paraplegic during the capture process.

Having arranged a kind of killing field around the river crossing, they went to meet the arriving Steelhooves.
But before doing so they used the surviving radio equipment to narrow-cast orders to the hospital that the Chosen had named Marcus’ Bastion. These orders commanded the settlement to send twelve of its twenty troops to reinforce the Crossíng.

The Conor's Crossing massacre

With the formalities of macho posturing behind them, Chief Conor of Conors Crossing and Ethan Hunt agreed to stay politely out of each others way. Among their agreements was that the Steelhooves would refrain from interfering with the ambush which the Consortium agents were setting up by the river.

Almost perfectly in accord with the plan, twelve expeditionary troops from the hospital-settlement arrived across the river. One scout wandered into the freshly modified minefield and was blown to pieces for his carelessness. As the rest retreated across the vast expanse of open ground, Pips Johnson and Hunt picked them off one-by-one. With the addition of firepower from Doctor Waiste, they managed to methodically eliminate every single trooper… for a short time forgetting the plan to let at least one escape to tell the tale.

At some point during this, engineer Anderson suffered an acute crisis of faith and felt compelled to leave the Consortium and instead seek out the alleged comforts of Vault 44.


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