Tag: Union


  • The Faith of 44

    The most powerful single belief system in the Suburban Wasteland. It is most widespread, to the point of being the norm, among citizens of [[The Union]]. As such it is not named or talked of as a grouping, you either are or are not one of the faithful. …

  • Union Settlements

    * [[Crossroads]] - trade hub for the Union * HOPe - refuge for escaped slaves * [[Last Church of Springfield]] - Christian Survivalist Community * The Hill * [[The Liebury]] - Followers of the Apocalypse base * [[Turnpike]] - source of the famous …

  • Camp Richardson

    Camp Richardson is large for its role. Its official duties are observation of Raider activity and border security, but the combination of relative safety and important function has made the camp ideally suited as a first posting for many green and rookie …

  • American Eagle

    American Eagle appears to be operating on behalf of The Union, taking down commandeered and rogue Eyebots. It plays inspirational pop-rock tunes and always makes an effort to attack out of the Sun.