Fixing the plant

The Consortium has decided to repair the North Haverbrook Nuclear Power Station.
Currently run by the AI Crs4dr.

The purpose is multifaceted:

  1. Helping the people of the valley by removing the radiation.
  2. Helping Vault 73s expansion.
  3. Providing a source of energy and thereby stable income.
  4. By controlling the energy The Consortium can influence the local factions.

Done so far:

  • The group has gained full access to the plant.
  • Partnered with Acquisitions Inc, a group of ghouls, to help CRS4DR maintain and repair the facility.
  • Got Vault 104s industrial cooling device installed.
  • Parts bought
    - 1 Rør og isolering
    - 2 Generic electronics
    - 1 Valves and gages
    - 5 Securitron Spare
    - 1 Spe. Electronic
    - 1 Moving parts
    - 1 Custom Electronics
  • Heat sink, installed which protects working robots.
  • Doctor Jeremiah Bentham fused into the plant, thereby increasing the plants effiency.

12 out of 12 working securitron low quality. (4 were broken when we got here)
1 Medium quality securiton, with tools enhancement
1 Mr. Foreman (good at coordinating other robots)

13 good mercenaries have been hired to protect the plant.
4 camps (communication, sensor and ½ weapons)

Fixing the line:

Forbind Stillbourne med Lawndale nettet 15 Yes
Reparer kabellinje på Lawndale nettet 18 Yes
Forbind Lawndale net med Haverbrook 21 Yes and!
Reparer Haverbrook net 19 Yes and!
Genforbind Haverbrook net med NHNPS 17 Yes and!
NHNPS til at output’e strøm 15 Yes and!

Yes and! on last objective means producing more elictricity than Stillbourne is able to use alone

Fixing the plant

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