Lawndale was once a suburb for the well-heeled, the self-made, and higher echelon corporate officers; with gated communities, white collar industry, and plenty of service providers.

The carefully manicured lawns and sculpted gardens were heavily dependent on constant maintenance, and in the wake of the War most of Lawndale has either flooded and turned back into swampland, or dried out into dusty wasteland.

Irradiated water from the Menuxet river makes most of lower Lawndale a hideous mire, haunted by Bloatflies, Radigators and the occasional Radhog.

Only the elevated areas around Stillbourne’s old train station remains sufficiently free of radiation that crops can take root, so that was one of the first places that received the benefits of Vault 44’s GECK.

Ancient train tracks run through southern Lawndale leading west towards the NCR, and east-north-east towards one of the two only bridges across the river.


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