North Haverbrook Nuclear Power Station

Damaged in the blast that destroyed Townsville, NHNPS suffered a severe meltdown some years after that initial wave of destruction. The explosion exposed the core to the outside, which is the source of the regularly occurring radioactive fogs that blanket the Menuxet River Valley, and often affect the southern zones of the Suburban Wasteland.

Crs4dr, the AI charged with running this fully automated nuclear power plant, has requested help preventing another nuclear meltdown. Doctor Jeremiah Bentham has optimized the AI’s priority programming, thus postponing the meltdown and hopefully buying enough time to find the right things to fix the power plant. Long term goal is to fix the power plant and get an up and running power facility that provides electricity to the suburban wasteland.

Currently ownership is claimed by joint venture of The Consortium and Acquisitions Inc.

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North Haverbrook Nuclear Power Station

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