Sheeple are a staple food and source of swool throughout the southern Suburban Wasteland.

These animals are similar to common sheep, save in a strange mutation which gives their “faces” a somewhat human appearance, and their “wool” a range of colours more similar to that of human hair than to un-mutated sheep’s wool.

Rather than the normal “baaaah” call given by pre-war sheep, Sheeple give a resigned sort of “Meh” sound.

Although this fact has not been publically released, agents of the Consortium and Vault 44, have determined that Sheeple actually originated in the remains of Vault 38. A biological hazard crisis within the Vault had led the few surviving residents to employ a modified form of FEV to splice their own genes with that of sheep, which the Devil flies apparently would not attack. The resulting human-sheep chimeras left the Vault and their descendants were domesticated by Tribals and later the children of Vault 44.


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