The Faith of 44

The most powerful single belief system in the Suburban Wasteland.
It is most widespread, to the point of being the norm, among citizens of The Union.
As such it is not named or talked of as a grouping, you either are or are not one of the faithful.

A large part of this religion is centered around the sacraments of Naming and of Pilgrimage to Vault 44 and receiving the blessings of The White Room.
The Chosen raider tribe have long enjoyed a profitable business guaranteeing safe passage for Pilgrims travelling to one or the other Holy Sites.

Members of the Faith of 44 have names (either first- or last names) with numbers in them – those who take it less seriously tend to make up nicknames for their number. They also express their devotion by wearing ceremonial or symbolic “pipboys”, and preachers wear VaultTec blue robes.

The Schism

The Schismatics
There appears to be some division among the ranks of the faithful – there is an outpost in southern Cypress Creek where a splinter group from within the faith have settled.
By their own statements they seem to think the Keepers of Vault 44 have succumbed to corruption and greed, and that their faith is purer and more orthodox.
The deeper nature of this Schism is as yet unknown.

Known adherents of The Faith of 44:

The Faith of 44

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