The Union

Union insignia bw

The Union, der er en sammenslutning af landbosamfund forenet af en fælles hær og et forsøg på en egentlig stat. Ledes af en Congressman Joe.
De benytter sig af “Spritebots” som normalt er hjælpsomme (omend fulde af propaganda).

Union Settlements:
Crossroads – trade hub for the Union
HOPe – refuge for escaped slaves
Last Church of Springfield – Christian Survivalist Community
The Hill
The Liebury – Followers of the Apocalypse base
Turnpike – source of the famous Turnpike Stew.
Uriah’s Heap – Scavenger community

Union Army


The Union army consists mostly of volunteers from the various farming settlement, but in times of crisis conscription is enforced. Their assets apparently also include light field artillery and a small number of armored vehicles. Most notable however is their small cadre of Enclave Eyebots.

The Union

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