An abandoned Vault, nicknamed “Hell” by people of the Northern Alliance.

Most Tribals and Raiders trace their ancestry to people who sought shelter in this vault.

When the order to enter the Vaults was given, Vault 104 was not yet ready for occupation and as yet very poorly supplied. The people there made do as best they could, but as in only a few short years starvation, violence and anarchy set in, by 2102 conditions had become un-survivable and the almost-feral population burst out of the shelter like a tide of rats.

Of the few who chose to stay behind, only their degraded and inbred descendants remain as The Pale Things.
Subsisting on the mosses that grow on the walls and floors, as well as frequent cannibalism, the Pale Things are barely human in anything but genome.

Some time after 2278 a man named Herbert was chained to a desk in the hydroponics section “by his brothers”, where he remained thus until released by the Consortium in 2284.


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