A cyborg bounty hunter with a hatred for ghouls.



S: 8
P: 7
E: 7
C: 7
I: 3
A: 7
L: 3

Tagged Skills

Survival: +3

Melee: +4

Guns: +3


He wants to get known as the best bounty hunter in all the wastes.

Get new upgrades for himself.

Kill any ghoul he sees.


Ghoul Hater (Extra damage vs ghouls)

Switchable hand (His weapons are his hand…literally)

Waste Survivor

Quick Switch (With enough practice he can now switch his hand out easier)


Being born in the wastes made growing up a lot harder. His mom and dad killed by a feral ghoul when he was a kid made him hate all the ghouls he encounter. He later on began to make a profit as a bounty hunter/mercenary taking the jobs he could get and earning what ever he could earn. on one of his last jobs he got severely injured. so much he had to be build up again. he now completes jobs with the help from his arsenal of hand attachments.


Fallout: Suburbia Winglessdragon21